Real Experience

Once the ambulance came and helped them, they realized my roommate needed extra help. The firemen arrived and pried open the car door to reach my roommate after getting my other friends out of the car. She was in terrible shape compared to the others who had scrapes, huge bruises, and one having a collapsed lung. Her head was bleeding from the impact and she was knocked out cold. The emergency responders realized she needed more help. They called the helicopter to get her quickly to the best hospital in the region. The doctors loaded her up, secured her in, and she arrived in no time.

ambulance She was rushed to the hospital and into the Emergency Room. The doctors and nurses scanned her to find that her pelvis was fractured in multiple places and a minor concussion along with a broken hand. The doctors put a pin in her pelvis to stabilize the bones and surrounding nerves to prevent further damage. When she came out of anesthesia, she had full function. She could speak fully, think well, eat, drink, and miraculously move her legs. She recovered fully and is now able to use her hand and walk again with only a quarter size spot on her leg being numb.

I am extremely grateful for the medical helicopters or the Flight for Life system that Dr. James “Red” Duke created in the 1970’s. He started the system of Flight for Life helicopters that have saved numerous lives like my roommate’s. The pilots are not only trained to land in urban areas like roads but also in forested areas to safe hikers. They rescue hikers who get stuck from on top of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs every year. I also know a coworker’s brother was saved by Flight for Life when he broke his collarbone bad enough that it was a compound fracture.

They were afraid of it cutting an artery since his bone was sticking out of his skin. He healed fully and is now doing crazy things again. Flight for Life and medical helicopters have saved numerous lives and can get to places, which are normally out of reach.